Oslo - postcards Postman with bag

Introducing a postcard from the series Mail Legeds - postman with a bag. The postman's bag contains 11 mini-postcards with the sights of the city of Oslo. All drawings are copyrighted by the artist.

OSLO is a prosperous and comfortable city. An example of restraint, hard work and dedication of the northern peoples ... We will put 11 mini-postcards in the postman's bag. Choose from the sights of the city: Akershus Castle, Royal Palace, Parliament Building (Storting), Town Hall, Karl Johans Street, Aker Brygge District, Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum, Vigeland Museum, Fram Museum, Munch Museum, National Museum of Norway, National Gallery, Henie-Unstad Art Center, Astrup-Fearnley Museum of Contemporary Art, Nobel Peace Center, Oslo Opera House, Norwegian National Theater, Cathedral, St. Olaf's Cathedral, Holy Trinity Church, Old Aker Church, Spasskoye Cemetery, Oslo Botanical Garden, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Tusenfried Amusement Park. The list will be reduced, there will be only 12 ..